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  • $31,000 in overtime paid for security at 2016 Trump Fundraiser in Norman

    $31,000 in overtime paid for security at 2016 Trump Fundraiser in Norman

    Two years ago today, the family of Barry Switzer hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump, coinciding with the OU vs. Ohio State football game. Some notable attendees included Joe Exotic, recently-indicted on murder-for-hire charges, as well as the now recently-resigned EPA director Scott Pruitt.

    Gov. Mary Fallin and and Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm were named as hosting the event. Both Hamm and Fallin gave speeches at the 2016 Republic National Convention and were rumored to be in the running for cabinet positions.

    With protests expected, and candidate Donald Trump confirmed to be in attendance at the football game, Norman Police Department was contacted by the U.S. Secret Service Oklahoma field office with a request to coordinate additional security patrols for the event. Prior to the September 17 events, NPD staff reached out to local organizers of the protests as well. Media reports estimated that hundreds of protestors lined the streets across from the Switzer home.

    Norman Police Department and State Troopers maintained a separation line between protestors and the Switzer home. NPD officers mediated a confrontation in which several pro-Trump members of OU’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity reportedly singled out and harassed a group of Native American protestors. No arrests were made.

    Documents from the City of Norman show 624 hours of overtime was accrued for the additional security, amounting to $31,285 in overtime pay.  $19,094 of that was reimbursed by the University of Oklahoma for their portion of the added patrols.

    Norman Leaks requested similar figures for the overtime provided for additional security at following year’s of the OU/Ohio State state game, finding that only $1,303.30 was paid out in overtime

    OU’s payment to City of Norman and breakdown of additional patrols:

    Download (PDF, 335KB)

    City staff emails with US Secret Service on coordinating patrols:

    Download (PDF, 1.13MB)

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