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  • UPDATED: 89er Day Parade funding requests

    Members of Oklahoma’s indigenous community have been protesting the city-sponsored 89er Day Parade for years.  Norman has one of the highest concentrations of indigenous peoples in the nation. Despite the fact that most Native Americans are insulted by parades and re-enactments celebrating land theft, broken treaties, and genocide, the City of Norman continues to fund the parade to the tune of $4000-$5000 each year.

    In recent years, the city has agreed to increase funding. The parade committee’s total budget is $11,000.  So the city’s share of that is nearly half. No other parade in the Norman receives comparable funding from the city.  The Veterans Day parade only requested $500 in city funds.

    The funding agreement for the parade functions as a contract between the city and the 89er Day Parade committee.  It requires the committee to submit a comprehensive written report of their annual expenses and revenue sources. The city website does not provide this documentation which is supposed to give a breakdown of their other revenue sources, expenses, proof of non-profit status, etc.

    So what is online?  The contracts, as well as the funding-request letters coming from prominent members of the Norman community who have served on the parade board.


    Download (PDF, 3.57MB)

    89er Day Parade Committee $5000 funding request with City of Norman (2015)

    Download (PDF, 226KB)

    89er Day Parade Committee $5000 funding request with City of Norman (2013)

    Download (PDF, 359KB)

    Funding Agreement (contract with city)

    Download (PDF, 617KB)

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