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    In this series of interviews sponsored by the Friends for a 21st Century Seniors Center, former Ward 2 council member Tom Kovach asks a series of pointed questions about the candidates’ philosophies of governance and their ideas about ensuring government transparency.

    “All candidates who participated in the previous forum were invited, but not all could make it,” Kovach told Norman Leaks. “The interviews are intended to be an extension of the candidate forums,” he added. “It’s a chance to get to know the candidates better.”

    While the interviews were hosted by the senior’s group and taped at city hall, the hot topic of the senior center is mostly absent from the dialogue. Instead, the questions focus more on how the candidates will face the challenges of advocating for their constituents–oftentimes against the status quo.

    In the video submitted to Norman Leaks, the conservations have a relaxed and informal feel. How do candidates perceive their various roles as community advocates, organizers, and as representatives of a governing body? According to Kovach, many of the questions came from former council members.

    There are six segments, unedited, each running 10 to 18 minutes in length.  The full playlist, separated by candidate, can be viewed here.

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