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  • DeBarr Ave residents credit themselves for street renaming, claim they were bullied into decision

    DeBarr Ave residents credit themselves for street renaming, claim they were bullied into decision

    Following the city council’s vote on a resolution to rename DeBarr Ave,  the Norman Transcript published an article citing unnamed sources who now claim they were bullied into the name change.

    The letter states:

    “…we, the property owners from Deans Row Avenue, were never a part of the initial process for the name change. Property owners were bullied, ridiculed and belittled instead of included in the process, especially if property owners had a different opinion about the street name or how to change the street name. Over the past several months, we, the property owners, met on our own multiple times and discussed the name change.”

    Holmberg House Bed & Breakfast, owned by Norman Transcript Publisher, Mark Millsap, rely heavily on clients from various departments and programs of the University of Oklahoma. A list of the clients (by department) is available here:

    Download (PDF, 520KB)

    Holmberg House Bed & Breakfast is located on DeBarr Ave.  Millsap signed a petition supporting the name change to Dean’s Row Ave. Millsap also serves as the publisher of the Norman Transcript, which has published an number of letters from so-called “progressive leaders” expresssing vehement opposition to the DeBarr Ave name change.

    According to petition documents submitted to the City, Millsap and other neighbors volunteered to front the $200 costs of the petition and name change process.

    Download (PDF, 6.19MB)

    A letter dated December 8, 2017 asks the city to consider covering the costs of the street signage. The letter was submitted Norman’s city attorney Jeff Bryant and the public works director Sean O’Leary. The letter is signed “Property Owners on DeBarr Avenue (Deans Row Avenue).” No individual names are attributed to the letter.

    Download (PDF, 105KB)

    Another letter to the editor published in the Norman Transcript December 19 points out that the four deans include Edwin DeBarr. The city council’s October 24 2017 resolution states the city disavows any association with DeBarr.

    The October 24 resolution is available here:

    Download (PDF, 743KB)

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