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    Magnum Energy suing City of Norman for denying variance

    On February 2, 2018, Magnum Energy Inc. filed an appeal in the Cleveland Country district court challenging a recent decision by the Norman Board of Adjustment to deny the company’s request for a variance.

    City of Norman ordinances require oil & gas drillers to carry a $2 million umbrella insurance policy to cover costs in the case of accidents such as blowouts, spills, or other hazardous materials releases that cause environmental damage and threaten public safety. Sec. 115-1502.1

    In their district court appeal, Magnum Energy claims the insurance requirements would add $10,000 per year in operating costs for their oil well named Patty No 1.

    View the full text of the Magnum Energy’s district court appeal: 

    Download (PDF, 16MB)


    Magnum Energy’s Patty No. 1 (located in the “Subject Tract”) is surrounded by residential developments and a business district. It is directly adjacent to an apartment complex, an early childhood education facility, and the Silver Elm assisted living center for seniors. 


    Patty1 subject tract

    According to Google Earth aerial views, the oil well is roughly 225 feet from the Creative Kids Learning Center located at 2200 36th Ave NW.

    City Ordinances require a minimum setback distance of 660 feet from habitable structures. Sec. 115-1501 (b). The well was present prior to the surrounding developments.

    google aerial site tract

    Photo: Google satellite aerials of the well site (left) next to Creative Kid’s Learning Center (right) in west Norman’s Brookhaven neighborhood.


    Photo: Magnum’s pump and storage tanks for the well are visible from the Falls at Brookhaven apartment courtyard.

    pattu 1 brookhaven fallsjp

    Photo: Falls at Brookhaven apartment complex in west Norman

    tank pump

    Other images from Google Street View also show the well & tank battery’s proximity to the Creative Kids Learning Center and other structures in the area.

    Magnum’s attorneys cite a November 2015 Attorney General opinion authored by then-AG Scott Pruitt. It references the preemption bill, SB 809, which is intended to prevent municipalities from banning fracking or imposing any local drilling regulations more stringent than state statues.

    Download (PDF, 3.69MB)

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