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  • Marconia Kessee 911 tapes released, demonstrations planned

    Marconia Kessee 911 tapes released, demonstrations planned

    Dispatch to Cleveland County Jail 2018-01-16– Kessee found in state of cardiac arrest:

    Dispatch to Cleveland County Jail 2018-01-16 at 21.54.25 NPD 2019


    Jared Security at Norman Regional Hospital  2018-01-16:

    Jared Security at Norman Regional Hospital 2018.01.16 at 18.57.02 2019



    Larry with Security at the Hospital 2018-01.16 at 19.07.10 2019


    Norman Police Department released the officer’s bodycam footage via YouTube about a week after the incident occurred. The video shows officers making disparaging remarks before taking Kessee into custody for trespassing.  



    Officers Kyle Canaan and Daniel Brown responded to the incident and transported Kessee to the Cleveland County Detention Center where he died in custody. Officers arrested Kessee for trespassing on Norman Regional Hospital Property. The bodycam video shows the officers dragging Kessee by his arms toward a police vehicle for transport to the Cleveland County jail.

    After being found unresponsive in his cell, Kessee was transported back to Norman Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    According to an NPD press release from January 23, the officers have been placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation is pending.


    Norman Police Department issued the following press release on Jan. 23 2018–minus the 911 calls:

    Download (PDF, 474KB)

    The audio of 911 calls were not included in the original releases to the press.


    Norman Leaks requested records of all arrests made by officers Canaan and Brown from 2015 to present. The released documents are available below:

    Officer Kyle Canaan:

    Download (PDF, 49KB)

    Officer Daniel Brown:

    Download (PDF, 49KB)

    Extreme weather conditions:

    January 16, 2018 was one of the coldest days on record. Lows reached 6º in the late evening/early morning hours at the same time Kessee was seeking treatment at NRH and transported to the Cleveland County Jail.


    Download (PDF, 840KB)

    The release of other materials is still pending. NPD Case #2018-00003868.


    Members of the Marconia Kesse family will hold a demonstration on Sunday, February 25 at Norman Regional Hospital to demand answers on why he was denied


    Kesse’s uncle, Michael Washington, a noted activist and community organizer, is listed as hosting the event.

    Details are available at the Facebook event page:






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