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    Pesticide and herbicide application logs

    For reasons of environmental health and public safety, Oklahoma laws mandate strict records-keeping requirements for businesses that sell, dispense, and apply chemical pesticides and herbicides.

    Commercial and non-commercial applicators, including government agencies and city employees, must carry licenses. Records must be maintained of the date, time, duration and location of the applications.

    State law also requires that the concentration level, total amount applied, and the application rate must be documented as well. With many of the chemicals, a supervising technician or certified applicator is required to be on site at the time of the application.

    Earlier this month, discussion arose on social media after a concerned Norman resident said he observed City of Norman employees applying a combination of Roundup and other herbicides at a city park near a stormwater drainage area.

    Norman Leaks filed an Open Records Act request seeking information on pesticide and herbicide applications in the city. We asked for the state-mandated records on applications, as well as purchase orders and invoices.

    Below are some of the documents provided in response to those requests:

    Application records: 2016

    Download (PDF, 24.46MB)

    Download (PDF, 10.68MB)

    Download (PDF, 7.65MB)

    Application records: 2015

    Download (PDF, 8.12MB)

    Purchases 2014 – 2016:

    Download (PDF, 3.49MB)

    Download (PDF, 1.41MB)

    Applicator licenses:

    Download (PDF, 2.64MB)



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