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  • SQ 777 and the OK Pork Council

    SQ 777 and the OK Pork Council

    Oklahoma Pork Council – top contributions, donors & recipients

    As many Oklahomans are aware, the Oklahoma Pork Council PAC has been leading the charge to pass the ALEC-sponsored State Question 777– the so-called “Right to Farm” bill.

    What many residents may not realize is just how much money the Pork Council has been pouring into the campaign coffers of state legislators, both Democrat and Republican.

    Norman Leaks is making available some of the financial disclosure reports retrieved from the Oklahoma Ethics Commission website. Documents show the Pork Council’s top campaign contributions and their recipients.

    Also provided are documents listing the various pork producers supporting the Pork Council PAC with individual contributions.

    Download (PDF, 647KB)

    Download (PDF, 647KB)

    Download (PDF, 649KB)

    Individual donors to the OK Pork Council PAC:

    Download (PDF, 635KB)

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